Men's javelin in major championships (Nearly complete results)
Miesten keihäänheitto arvokisoissa (Melkein täydelliset tulokset)

List of updates

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29 Jun 2002: Opening of this website with results from Edmonton 2001 to Helsinki 1994
3 Jul 2002: Added Stuttgart 1993
4 Jul 2002: Added register
8 Jul 2002: Added Barcelona 1992
9 Jul 2002: Added Tokyo 1991
10 Jul 2002: Added Split 1990
11 Jul 2002: Added Seoul 1988
14 Jul 2002: Added Roma 1987
18 Jul 2002: Added Stuttgart 1986 & Los Angeles 1984
19 Jul 2002: Added Helsinki 1983
20 Jul 2002: Added Athinai 1982
21 Jul 2002: Added Moscow 1980
23 Jul 2002: Added Helsinki 1952. For the 50th anniversary of javelin competition in 52 games.
25 Jul 2002: Added Praha 1978
27 Jul 2002: Added Montreal 1976
29 Jul 2002: Added Roma 1974
30 Jul 2002: Added München 1972
2 Aug 2002: Added Helsinki 1971
3 Aug 2002: Added Athinai 1969
4 Aug 2002: Added Mexico 1968
12 Aug 2002: Added München 2002
17 Aug 2002: Added Budapest 1966
10 Sep 2002: Added Tokyo 1964. My best thanks to Manabu Tanaka (JAAF).
17 Oct 2002: Update. A lot of thanks to Tony Isaacs for correcting many of my mistakes and misprints.
25 Oct 2002: Added Beograd 1962. Thank You very much to Ozren Karamata for the results.
31 Oct 2002: Added Rome 1960
1 Nov 2002: Added Stockholm 1958. My best thanks to A.Lennart Julin for the copies of original hand written record sheets.
1 Nov 2002: Added Melbourne 1956. Special thanks to Paul Jenes for throwing orders and pieces of information.
10 Nov 2002: Added Berlin 1936. The results of qualifications are mainly taken from Estonian Aleksander Antson's book
"Berliini Olympiamängud 1936" and partly from newspaper "Helsingin Sanomat" (7.8.1936), which were good
sources for the results of final, too. As are also the following ones: newspaper "Uusi Suomi" (7.8.36),
sportmagazine "Suomen Urheilulehti" (7.8.36), Finnish book about Berlin Olympics "Olympialaiskisat V"
(throws written by Armas Valste) and Swedish book "Sommarolympia av Mr. Jones". Newspapers mentioned are
the Finnish ones.
13 Nov 2002: Added Bruxelles 1950
23 Nov 2002: Added Bern 1954
5 Dec 2002: Added London 1948. My best thanks to Amy Terriere from British Olympic Association for the copies of programme booklet
of the 4th of August (the day of men's javelin). This has been the source for information of qualification groups
and the throwing orders. And many thanks to Tony Isaacs, who is managed to collect also those very hard-to-find results for
non qualifiers. This competition is still quite incomplete because of many missing results.
5 Dec 2002: Added Paris 1938. The throwing series are taken from Jiri Havlin's European Handbook 1990 and Finnish newspapers:
Helsingin Sanomat, Uusi Suomi and Sportmagazines: Suomen Urheilulehti, Urheilu and Swedish newspaper: Dagens Nyheter.
11 Jan 2003: Added Oslo 1946. The throwing series are mostly taken from Jiri Havlin's European Handbook 1990. Throwing order of final
is from Helsingin Sanomat as some single results or from Uusi Suomi.
19 Jan 2003: Added Torino 1934. The main source has been Havlin & al's European Handbook 1990. Used for checking also Tony Isaac's
compilation and reports of Helsingin Sanomat and Uusi Suomi.
19 Jan 2003: Added Los Angeles 1932. The main source has been "Olympialaiskisat IV", throws written by Urho Peltonen
20 Jan 2003: Added Amsterdam 1928. The main source has been "Olympialaiskisat III", throws written by Urho Peltonen
1 Feb 2003: Added Paris 1924. The main source has been Ekkehard zur Megede's: "Modern Olympic Century". Throwing series are mainly
from Torsten Tegnér's "Colombes & Co, Dagboksblad från en olympiad" and with complements from Yrjö Halme:
"Olympialaiskisat 1924", "Olympialaiskisat II" (throws written by Lauri Pihkala), Jaakko Ikola: "Jaakkoo lähti Pariisihi...",
Helsingin Sanomat, Suomen Urheilulehti and Dagens Nyheter
2 Feb 2003: Added Antwerpen 1920. The main source has been Yrjö Halme "Seitsemännet Olympialaiskisat v. 1920" (the 7th Olympic Games in 1920)
and "Olympialaiskisat I" (athletics written by Lauri Pihkala)
9 Feb 2003: Added Stockholm 1912. In addition to Megede's book the sources have been "Suomen Urheilulehti", "Helsingin Sanomat"
and "Uusi Suometar", (Finnish newspapers). And best thanks to Tony Isaacs (and Mats Åkesson) for some valueable pieces
of result information
16 Feb 2003: Added London 1908. The main source has been Megede's "Modern Olympic Century". The additional information about qualifications
of conventional event is from Tony Isaacs.
25 Feb 2003: Added Athens 1906. The main source has been Megede's "Modern Olympic Century". The additional information
is from Tony Isaacs and Yrjö Halme's "Seitsemännet Olympialaiset kisat"
25 Feb 2003: Added the list of shortages
31 Mar 2003: Many thanks to Richard Hymans, who sent me a lot of material concerning mainly bib numbers of athletes and throwing orders of
competitions (even from Athens 1906 Games). He sent me also complete list of announced participants in London 1908 Games
(most of them did not start), and in addition of all this Arild Gjerde's list of participants in Olympic Games with dates
of birth. So I have much material to complete my website. I can't do it at one go, so I shall update these pages little
by little. First register 06-38 (dates of birth), Athens 1906 (throwing order) and London 1908 (bib numbers and throwing order).
1 Apr 2003: Updated 1920 Antwerpen, 1924 Paris (bib numbers), 1928 Amsterdam (bib numbers), 1936 Berlin, 1948 London, 1952 Helsinki,
1956 Melbourne, 1960 Roma, 1968 Mexico (bib numbers) and register 1946-78. Many dates of birth are added to all mentioned games.
4 Apr 2003: Updated 1980 Moskva, 1984 Los Angeles (bib numbers and throwing order), 1986 Stuttgart (bib numbers), 1988 Seoul (bib numbers),
1990 Split (bib numbers), 1992 Barcelona, 1996 Atlanta, register 80-02. Dates of birth are added to all mentioned games.
22 Apr 2003: Thank You to Eberhard Vollmer and Ellen Glatzer of Deutscher Leichtathletik Verband for being so kind and sent me
the results of Stuttgart ECh 1986 and WCh 1993. So my list of shortages were again shortened, this time by throwing order
of qualification in 1986 games and by bib numbers of athletes in 1993 games.
14 May 2003: My best thanks to Tomas Magnusson (from Solothurn CH), who sent me many pieces of additional information to athletes'
registers and correcting some errors e.g. the ranking order of qualification of Mexico Games 68.
2 Sep 2003: Added Paris 2003.
8 Nov 2003: Thank you to Gerald Borman for the information concerning dates of birth.
28 Jan 2004: Thank you to A.B.Petunin to correct 2 misprints in Melbourne 1956 Games
14 Jul 2004: Updated European Championships in Budapest 1966 and Athens 1982. About 2 weeks ago I just happened to read the lists of Antiquariat
Matthias Drummer (Berlin) and found there some interesting daily programmes of the games. The booklets came today.
29 Jul 2004: Updated World Championships in Roma 1987 (throwing order of qualifications) and Tokyo 1991 (bib numbers). The second buy
of the daily programmes from the Antiquariat Matthias Drummer (Berlin).
01 Sep 2004: Added Athens 2004.
11 Aug 2005: Added Helsinki 2005.
1 Sep 2005: Jérôme Chevillat from France sent me bib numbers of Atlanta Olympic Games 1996. Some of them are still missing, but all finalist but one
are found. Thank you.
16 Sep 2005: Thank you to Pascal Anteaume from France for the bib numbers of Tokyo 1964 Olympic games.
13 Oct 2005: Updated European Championships in Beograd 1962 (throwing order of qualifications). The thrird buy
of the daily programmes from the Antiquariat Matthias Drummer (Berlin).
17 Feb 2006: Thank You to Steponas Misiunas from Lithuania for the rest of the missing bib numbers of Atlanta Games
19 Jan 2007: Few days ago I got extraordinary interesting material from Pascal Anteaume (France). Most interesting were the throwing series of Stockholm
1912 games. This kind information I dare not even hope to see. He gave me a summary of official report of the games and from the book of
Bill Mallon, "The 1912 Olympic Games: Results for All Competitors in All Events With Commentary". And still more I got also minor additions
and orrections concerning the games in Paris 1924, in Amsterdam 1928, in Los Angeles 1932, in Beograd 1962, in München 1972 and in Rome 1974.
These emails were really a pleasant suprise for me.
3 Sep 2007: Added Osaka 2007
28 Aug 2008: Added Beijing 2008
10 Oct 2009: Added Berlin 2009
18 Aug 2010: Added Barcelona 2010
6 Sep 2012: Added Daegu, Helsinki and London. Registers updated.