Men's javelin in major championships (Nearly complete results) - updated 06 Sep 2012
Miesten keihäänheitto arvokisoissa (Melkein täydelliset tulokset)

In the pages of this website You can see the results of men's javelin throwing in major championships including olympic games, world championships
and European championships. When I opened this website in June 2002, my aim was to compile here the results, which are as complete as possible.
I was proceeding backwards towards old times and I reached Athens 1906 Games in February 2003. But many pages here are still incomplete;
especially as far as the throwing orders are concerned. For instance Tokyo 1964 and Rome 1960 throwing orders of finals are the most serious
shortages and the same you can say also about missing throwing series of Bern 1954. But please look around, because of information not easy to find
elsewhere. I have still updated (and shall update) my website anytime, I have got any additional information. I express my special thanks to
everybody, who has helped me. Without them this website would be far from what it is today.

20 Oct 2003
Matti Rasilainen, Finland

The contributors
-Tony Isaacs
-Asko Koski
-Jiri Havlin
-Ozren Karamata
-Manabu Tanaka
-A.Lennart Julin
-Paul Jenes
-Amy Terriere
-Richard Hymans
-Eberhard Vollmer
-Ellen Glatzer
-Tomas Magnusson
-Jérôme Chevillat
-Pascal Anteaume
-Steponas Misiunas

Special thanks to Tony Isaacs, who has looked through
all the pages and corrected many errors in my statistics.
And Asko Koski, who has helped me to the start with a large
amount of results.

London 2012 Javelin medallists Oleksandr Pyatnytsya UKR (silver),
Keshorn Walcott TRI (gold), Antti Ruuskanen FIN (bronze).
(Photo: Johannes Eisele/AFP)
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- Ekkehard zur Megede: "Modern Olympic Century 1896-1996"
- Jiri Havlin & al.: "European Handbook 1990" (special thanks for Split results)
- Volker Kluge: "Olympische Sommerspiele, die Chronik I und II"
- "Olympialaiskisat I-V", edited by Martti Jukola, Lauri Pihkala, Lauri Santala
- Yrjö Halme: "Seitsemännet Olympialaiset kisat v.1920", "Olympialaiset 1924", "Olympialaiset 1928"
- Asko Koski: "Javelin all time world lists, men's old model"
- Books of "Juoksija"-magazine: 1984, 1987, 1991, 1993.
- Leichtathletik 1962, 1964, 1966, 1974, 1982, 1986
- Finnish newspapers: Helsingin Sanomat, Uusi Suomi
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